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Caffe Andiamo

Local Favorites

Join us for that special occasion, planned event, or any night of the week. You are always welcome at Caffé Andiamo.

Why Caffé Andiamo Is Unique

Being an authentic family from Italy is just the beginning.

Caffé Andiamo is a family owned and managed restaurant that guarantees contemporary Italian flare paired with traditional, fresh ingredients. This accomplished establishment has been a local favorite for over a decade. The Recupito family has a passion for food like no other, the menu is just the beginning.

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Our extensive wine list features flavors for every palate; from the coasts of Italy to the rolling hills of California. Come try a light prosecco with your early lunch or a robust red with dinner. This list has a little something for everyone.

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In traditional Italian style our sausage is made by hand in our very own kitchen. Our chefs put in the extra effort to make sure you are guaranteed the freshest flavors!

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We our proud to bring you the best ingredients, from the brightest vegetables and herbs to our homemade pasta and mozzarella. Every handmade element in our dishes brings to you the excellence of Italiano cuisine.